The Feeding the Economy food and agriculture industries economy study represents the impact of a very broad combination of industries, but special recognition is given to those below who helped make this study and website possible. We encourage you to look deeper into each sector.

As nature’s renewable building block, corn is a versatile resource that can be used for just about everything. In 2018, U.S. corn refiners exported over $2.0 billion in goods, adding $4.7 billion to the U.S. economy. This study illustrates the pivotal role that the food and agriculture industries play in feeding the economy.

John Bode, President & CEO, Corn Refiners Association

We often talk about fertilizer’s ability to feed the world in a sustainable manner, but there is no doubt we also feed the economy. The U.S. fertilizer industry provides nearly $155 billion annually to the economy, contributing $15 billion in taxes and supporting 500,000 jobs paying $38 billion in wages.

Chris Jahn, President & CEO, The Fertilizer Institute

Whether they’re selling here at home or across the globe, farmers and ranchers make integral contributions to the American economy.  Diverse markets for agriculture feed a healthy, job-producing economy in every state of our country.”

Dr. Barbara P. Glenn, CEO, National Association of State Departments of Agriculture

To the benefit of our planet, our food, and our health, biology-driven agricultural and industrial innovations are positioning society to solve its biggest global challenges. A thirst for the sustainable solutions generated by BIO members is driving billions of dollars in economic activity and creating high-quality jobs across our country.

Dana O’Brien, Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), executive vice president, food & agriculture

Locally owned, independent grocers are key contributors to the economic footprint of the food and agriculture sector and with stores located in every single congressional district, they are the backbone of their communities through the jobs they create, taxes they pay and services they provide.

Greg Ferrara, President & CEO, National Grocers Association (NGA)

The story of frozen food begins with farmers harvesting blueberries in Maine and carrots in Oregon, and extends to workers creating Asian-inspired egg rolls in Ohio and chicken pot pies in Iowa, and ends with our restaurant and retail partners to bring delicious and convenient foods to the consumer.

Alison Bodor, President & CEO, American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI)

Every day, the restaurant industry serves more than 170 million customers. To do that, we rely on America’s farmers and ranchers to provide safe, abundant, and affordable food options to more than one million restaurant locations. A strong and healthy agriculture sector is critical for the restaurant industry’s ongoing success.

Dawn Sweeney, President & CEO, National Restaurant Association

It is important to recognize the agriculture and food sectors who have long supported organizations combating hunger and their work in our local communities. While they don’t trumpet their efforts, they are critical to supporting their communities and those in need.

Robb MacKie, President and CEO, American Bakers Association

Chicken producers’ positive economic impact stretches from coast to coast, hits every sector of the U.S. economy and can be felt in every congressional district.  We’re proud of the role that chicken producers play in helping U.S. food and agriculture feed America’s economy.

Mike Brown, President, National Chicken Council

Because of their strong bond with their shoppers, food retailers know that consumers seek a deeper connection with their food and want to know its story from farm to fork. The U.S. food supply chain creates that story everyday as we feed families and feed the American economy by providing jobs for nearly 23 million workers, spanning every congressional district in the country.

Leslie G. Sarasin, President and CEO, Food Marketing Institute

The consumer packaged goods industry is the single largest U.S. manufacturing employer, and we are proud to see our impact represented so strongly in Feeding the Economy’s study. CPG jobs are good jobs, making a difference in the lives of hardworking Americans in every state across the country.

Geoff Freeman, President and CEO, Grocery Manufacturers Association